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This Podcast is centered around what you need to do to write your very own masterpiece. In specific, the series focuses on writing fiction books. If you have any questions about writing, please let me know. (sir.richard.ddavis@gmail.com).

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Episode 17: Titles

Monday Feb 15, 2021

Monday Feb 15, 2021

In this episode, we are going to dive into titles and how to create your own powerfully perfect title.

Monday Feb 15, 2021

We have a guest speaker today, Christiane Allison. She is a multi-award-winning author, which is impressive by itself, but what is even more impressive to me, is that she has accomplished this feat, among many others, while battling a chronic illness, HEDS. So, rather than letting her health beat her, she soldiers on, and some of the characters in her cyberpunk book were inspired by the struggle she has had. Her perspective makes her a great one to speak on world building today.

Tuesday Feb 09, 2021

Today we have another guest speaker, going by the name of Chris Lodwig. he is a published author and loves to craft a good setting, which is exactly what he will be talking to us today about.

Friday Feb 05, 2021

This episode covers setting with a guest speaker (Darian Smith). He has written and is writing workbooks to help writers with their own writing so he is a great one to be on the podcast today. So keep your ears open and let's jump in.

Saturday Jan 23, 2021

We have a fantastic guest speaker today by the name of PD Alleva. He is a published author with 6 books under his belt. He is also a hypnotist and behavior therapist, which makes him a great one to talk to us about techniques to combat writer's block.

Episode 12: Show Don't Tell

Saturday Jan 16, 2021

Saturday Jan 16, 2021

The Podcast today is all about 'showing' the reader what is happening in your book, rather than telling them about those events. This is a tool you need in your arsenal if you want to truly captivate a reader.
Alan J. Hesse's comic

Wednesday Jan 06, 2021

She was the founder of a writer’s critique group, so she has really gotten the opportunity to both critique and be critiqued. Not only that but being a published author as she is, criticism is a commodity that comes in spades. So, she’s a great one to be speaking to us today about the topic of using criticism to your advantage. Let’s get to know her a bit then jump into the topic.

Wednesday Jan 06, 2021

Casey Peeler is a writer of southern small-town romance and has been publishing books since 2013. Her books have done great on amazon, to say the least. She is also a National Board Certified Teacher in Special Education who has taught English for over a decade. She is clearly passionate about teaching, so, keep your ears open because we are going to be getting some great info centered around dialogue and making characters believable.

Wednesday Dec 30, 2020

In this episode we have a guest speaker (Michael Ross) who will be tackling the topic of making characters believable. He has some unique ways of looking at this topic because he is not only a published author but has been an actor for more than 30 years. So keep your ears open and a pen nearby.

Episode 8: The Writing Habit

Monday Dec 28, 2020

Monday Dec 28, 2020

In this episode, we cover the writing habit and the 3 steps to help you in creating your own writing habit.
Also, I wanted to give a shout-out to an author I was working with that I wasn't able to have on the show.
Harper Anderson

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